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[Denmark, Aalborg] Malifaux Tournament 1-3 september


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dress: Godthåbsgade 8A second floor, 9400 Nørresundby, there is a sign by the Door with TRoAs Logo.

Price: 275 korner (40 Euros) Includes: 2XLunch, 2XSuppers, Prizes (expect nothing to fancy) and small contribution to the hosting club.

Signup can be done here

Last signup date is 16nd of August – You are signed up when you have payed and received a confirmation E-mail.

Friday 18.30 – Check-in and Supper.
Friday 19.30 – Story Game 1 (optional)
Friday 21.30 – Relaxation.

Saturday 10.00 - Tournament Game 1
Saturday 12.30 – Lunch
Saturday 13.30 - Tournament Game 2
Saturday 16.00 - Tournament Game 3
Saturday 18.30 - Supper
Saturday 19.30 - Story Game 2 (optional)

Sunday 10.00 - Tournament Game 4
Sunday 12.30 - Lunch
Sunday 13.30 - Tournament Game 5
Sunday 16.00 - Story game 3 (optional)
Sunday 18.00 - Prizes and goodbyezes

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