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February 50 SS Tournament in St Petersburg, FL


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Ok Mali-folks! It is time for our next monthly tournament. We will be using 2017 Gaining Grounds now. I hope to have some of the new Gaining Grounds decks for sale for store credit. Otherwise, you can use the Crewfaux app on your phone. The big change between 2016 and 2017 is longer rounds. People have always had issues with trying to complete schemes in the hour and 45 minutes, so we now have two hour rounds. This means that I will be modifying the break times. There will be three 2 hour games with a 10 minute break for a snack and restroom use between each round.
There will also be prize support! We have made it far enough through the henchman changeover that we now have guilders for participants and some more mystery boxes will be here for the raffle!
50ss single faction gaining ground 2017 malifaux tournament.
Doors open at noon.
Registration: noon-1:00 pm
First round: 1:00 pm-3:00 pm
Second round 3:10 pm-5:10 pm
Third round: 5:20 pm-7:20 pm
Wrap up & awards: 7:30 pm
- Gaining Grounds 2017 rules are in effect except painting requirements.
- 50ss single faction crews.
- 2 hour timed rounds.
- Schemes and strategies will be announced 1 week before tournament.
- $10.00 buy in for prize support
- mystery box raffle
1 ticket for joining tournament
1 ticket playing with fully painted crew
1 ticket if win all rounds
1 ticket if loss all rounds
1 ticket if tie all rounds
1 ticket for you and opponent if final score is 10-0 (monitored so no cheating)
1 ticket if you attend dressed appropriate to your faction.
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