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[BELGIUM] Malifaux Master Challenge 2017 GENT


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Inspired by our Malifaux Neighbours of Antwerp we will also be doing a 'Malifaux Master Challenge' in Gent.


This year there will be NO more dust on our Malifaux figures, cause it's time to bring them ALL out!


The idea is simpel: you try to play against as much diffrent masters as possible.

For that we will give you a form to keep track of all the games you play and a summary of all leaders (per Faction).


To make it easier for you to find diffrent opponents, we will leave a message board in our local game store and playing area where people can let others know which leaders they have available.

You are allowed to play games with any amount of SSes, as longs as a strategy and schemes are involved.

If you play against a Dual Faction master, this only counts for the faction he played with and not the other one.


Matches for the 'Malifaux Master Challenge' can be played on tuesdays till fridays (mostly in the evening) or during the weekend @ The World's End.


Entering this event is free. Your efforts will be rewarded ...

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