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Feb 18 New to Malifaux Beginner Series at Deck Factory Lima, Ohio


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Come and join us at Deck Factory for our first big event at Deck Factory in Lima, Ohio.

Time: Starts at 4 PM.  

Location: Deck Factory (1759 N. Union St Lima, Ohio)

Date: February 18, 2017

Event: New To Malifaux Beginner Series

Cost: 10 Dollars

This is a series being brought to Deck Factory in Lima, Ohio geared at new players.

It is a Henchman Hardcore format.

No models needed to play( We have 16 preconstructed crews ready and waiting for you here!)

Player cap will be at 16 Players, so if your new and interested in playing please preregister!!

Prize support will be given out for this event.

1st Place: Crew box choice of The Latigo Posse or Mother of Monseters Box set.

2nd Place: Crew box remaining

3rd Place: Small Mystery Box

4th Place: Small Mystery box

There will also be random prizes for those who stay until the end for 5-16 place.

The Random Giveaways include:

Large Mystery Box

Small Mystery Box

Limited Edition Foil Card

Alt Mc Morning Model

Fate Deck

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