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Shifting Loyalties Campaign- Arkansas Malifaux!

GM Tuck

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We're doing it up right with my first ever shifting loyalties campaign! This campaign will last 12 weeks/6 rounds starting February 18 until April 29th. Once every two weeks, you will be paired against an opponent. You have two weeks to play your game against that opponent. You can play your game any time at any location you agree upon, but you must play before the two-week window is up. You can sign up on the Arkansas Malifaux Facebook page. There is an event link for the campaign on there. 

We will be playing a competitive campaign based on building the best hideout (there will be an overall story, so fluff/casual players don't worry) but we will have a few house rules:

1. You can only have one of each equipment or upgrade that you choose/purchase in your crew. 

2. If your opponent doesn't meet with you in the two weeks and you can show you made every effort to meet with them, you will still score points so you can continue in the campaign. However, if both of you tried to meet up and neither one could make it, neither of you will score any points.

3. If you still live in Arkansas but outside of the Central Arkansas area and still want to participate, you can still do so. However, you must have at least 3 other players local to you beside yourself sign up for this event. If you are planning on playing outside central Arkansas in a group please contact me ahead of time and let me know where and with whom you are planning on playing.

You will need a copy of the Shifting Loyalties campaign book in order to play. Additionally, it is recommended that you have a shifting loyalties campaign deck as well.

Arsenal sheets and quick reference guides for the campaign can be found at the following address:
More information about the campaign will be posted both here and on the Arkansas Malifaux Facebook page in the near future. Also, please feel free to message me and ask any questions you may have.

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