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Relics of Winter- A Story Encounter Tournament- Conway, AR

GM Tuck

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On February 4th, I will be hosting a story encounter tournament at Treasure Chest Games in Conway, AR. We will have space for 16 players and it will last from 12 p.m. until 8 p.m. The entry fee is 10 dollars and there will be 100% payout of the entry fees in store credit across 1st-3rd place and the storyteller award. 

In order to keep this event focused on story and thematic crews, we will be having a "Storyteller Award" for the player who gets the maximum story points during the event. This award will be on the same level as the first place prize. To win this award, you must get the best story score at the event.

You score story points in the following ways:

2 points for having a fully painted and based crew (this includes summons)
1 point for using no mercenaries from another faction 
1 point for using the same master the entire event
1 point for using your master's specific totem. This must be a different model from any other used to score story points. 
1 point for taking a henchman or enforcer that is designed to work with your master or is mentioned as working with your master in the fluff.  This must be a different model from any other used to score story points. 
1 point for taking another model from your master's boxed set that is not already being used to score story points. 
1-3 points for sportsmanship  per round (opponent will score you at the end of each round). 

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