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Malifaux Tournament - Carrollton, TX - The Hunger Cry


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Even in another dimension, the law of the jungle still applies.  Only the strongest will survive.

Malifaux tournament, Gaining Grounds 2016

When: 11/12/16, 11am start

Where: Texas Toy Soldier

Rounds: 2 hours

Admission: FREE

Game 1
Deployment: Standard
Strategy: Collect the Bounty
Schemes: Convict Labor, Show of Force, Hunting Party, Search the Ruins, Public Demonstration

Game 2
Deployment: Flank
Strategy: Interference
Schemes: Convict Labor, Take Prisoner, Exhaust Their Forces, Leave Your Mark, Inspection

Game 3
Deployment: Corner
Strategy: Stake a Claim
Schemes: Convict Labor, Show of Force, Exhaust Their Forces, Detonate the Charges, A Quick Murder

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