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Come Join the Band! Grow League

Kad Baz

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I apologize for my tardiness in posting this.  Georgia Malifaux will be hosting a slow grow and painting league starting July 24th. Each week will see slightly larger games until we reach 50 soulstones. The rules are simple: pick a faction, play games using either Gaining Grounds 2016, standard encounter, or story encounters (icluding those found in issues of Chronicels), report your results (W/L/T). Wins are 3 points, Ties 2 point, Loses 1 point. You also score points for painting models. One model, 1 point. It's that easy. At the end prizes will be awarded to everyone who scored more than 15 points, from what ever sources, most wins, best painted, and best in faction. Report games here in the group, and post pictures here as well.

Schedule is as follows:
Week of July 24th: 25 points, Henchman led crews
Week of July 31st: 30 Points Henchman or Master led
Week of August 7th: 35 points
Week of August 14th: 40 Points
Week of August 21st: 45 points
Week of August 31st: 50 points

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