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The Grey Girl


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I remember the feel of the warmth of his blood as it sprayed me in the face. I remember the feel of the knife as it sank deep into his skull, right through the soft spot at the temple. And I remember feeling his body tense for that split second from the pain, and then relax and go limp. But mostly I remember,.. as I watched his limp body slide off the end of the knife and slump sideways onto the alley floor,.. mostly I remember the silence. The blessed silence that accompanied his death. And for a few brief seconds, but what also somehow felt like an eternity, that pure silence filled the air. The entire world was still, and all was at peace.
A few moments ago, the alley had been filled with the sounds of screams of terror as he was brutally tearing her apart. I had just happened by the far end of the alley when I heard the faint cries echo off the sides of brick buildings. I wasn't even sure that I had heard it at first, but my curiousity had gotten the better of me, and I had decided to travel down the alleyway to see what it was. I crept slowly and quietly down the alley, being sure not to kick the discarded soda cans, or rustle the paper bags and other such vaiours items that haphazzardly littered the ground. I snuck up to the corner where the alley turned around the other side of the building. And as I peered around the corner, I saw him,.. and he was killing her. I pulled the pocket knife out of back pocket and unfolded it. I took a deep breath then held it, so as to not give away my position by breathing or accidently grunting or making other noises as I attacked.
Two quick strides, and I was behind him. I placed the flat of my left hand on the side of his head while simultaneously plunging the blade deep into his temple with my right hand. As his body weight slumped to the floor, it pulled his skull off of the end of my blade. I turned and looked at the woman, who now had a confused look upon her face. She didn't seem quite sure whether she should be in pain from what he already done to her, or afraid, or happy to be saved. I too was elated that it was over. One less scum bag walking the streets. At least, that's what I told myself.
I started to move to help her. After all, The whole reason that I had killed that guy was because I had planned to help her. But that's when it happened. The man's body began to vibrate. Not like an epliptic seizure from the brain trauma but rather a quick buzzing type vibration,.. like the buzzing of a light right before it's about to burn out. I tried to take a step back but it was already too late. Something had already grabbed my ankle. I looked down to see what it was. That's when I saw it. It was wafting up from the man's body like smoke, only it wasn't smoke. It was more like the dust that swirls about in the air in a beam of direct sunlight. Only this dust was blacksh-red, and it had gripped me tight like an iron vice. Once it had me, the dust came pouring out of the man's body. It collected and pooled, and started climbing up my leg. I tried to get it off but swatting at it and trying to wipe it away only got more of it on my hands. Before I knew it, I was covered in it. Once it reached my face, I tried to hold my breath to keep it out. But it just came in anyways. Through my nose, my ears, and when I finally couldn't hold my breath anymore, it pour into my mouth.
As it flooded into my being, I felt an eerie calmness. It was calm and cool as the surrounding darkness, almost detatched in a way. Yet behind it all, I could feel the anger, the rage, the hatred,.. and most of all the bloodlust. The need to kill was palpable. I somehow knew, instinctively perhaps, that the man that I had just killed was the embodiment of the spirit of murder. And I had just killed him. Problem was, there were rules to how this worked. I learned the first rule the hard way. And the first rule of the spirit of murder,... you cannot kill the man, without becoming the monster.
I barely heard the woman screaming as she watched the entity absorb into my body. Her screams were like echos from a long forgotten dream. But as my head began to clear, her screams started to come in louder and louder. My head still swam with all the information the entity was giving me. Memories of times long gone. Flashes and images more-so then coherient thoughts. Conversations with people long dead, in languages long forgotten. Some of the thoughts so old and so alien to me, that it hurt my head to try to absorb them. It hurt to the point of almost breaking my mind. But the womans screaming echoed louder in my ears. And all I could think to do was to escape the pain by following the sound. So I did. I chased the sound of her screams in my head, and suddenly the tide of thoughts and anguish and pain subsided. And suddenly I was back in the alley, still holding my bloddied knife, with the woman still screaming.
I turned to look at her. As I did she fell silent. She looked at me, wondering what had just happened, and wondering if I was ok. I wanted to help her. I wanted to tell her that everything was going to be ok. After all, that's why I killed the man,.. to save her. But I couldn't help it. The spirit was in me now. I couldn't stop myself. I had meant to help her, but instead, I finished killing her. She tried to scream again. But her screams were short lived. I took the knife and plunged it deep into her throat. The puncture wound severed any vocal cord she had and even if she could still scream, they were drowned out by the gushing blood that was pouring into her throat, and the gurgling of air from her lungs as it tried to clear the liquid out of the way.
A moment later she was still. The light had faded from her eyes and I looked down to notice that I was covered in sprays of her blood, as I had hacked her torso to bits while she was dying. A drop of blood pooled down on my cheek and rolled down to my lips. I could taste the copper in her blood. The excitement of the flavor quickly gave way to a calm, empty feeling. The spirit of murder was satisfied for the moment, and retreated deep into my subconcious, leaving me there in the alley, alone, with nothing but the knowledge of what I had just done. I fell to my knees and wept. What was I going to do? I was in an alley, with not one, but two dead bodies, and I was covered in blood. I stayed there, in the relative dark and quiet, praying that somehow this wasn't real.
The lights at the far end of the alley began to hum and flicker, and a sudden feeling of dread and fear washed over me. I focused my eyes down the lengths of the alley, and suddenly I saw her,.. the grey girl. There she was, in the middle of the alley. She looked like something out of an old black and white photograph. Her skin was a perfect shade of grey. Her clothing, also in various shades white, grey, and black,.. reminded me of something from little house on the prairie. Her black hair had been divided in half and braided on either side of her head, which hung in front of her, all the way down to about her waist. All in all, I remember thinking that she looked quite a bit like Wednesday Addams, from an old show called "The Addam's Family" that I used to watch.
She stood perfectly upright, even as she floated about two feet above the ground. Her eyes were closed, and her arms were bent at the elbows. Her forearms were completely level to the floor, and in her hands was a box. A simple wooden box, free from adornment, save for one small golden clasp on the front for securing the lid. She stood there in the air perfectly still. I too was motionless, as the feeling of panic began to swell inside. I had just been taken over by the spirit of murder, but somehow as bad as that was, somehow I knew this was worse.
The grey girl began to open her eyes. A brilliant yellow light shot out of them and illuminated the alley. For a moment it was almost blinding. But as my eyes adjusted, I could see her clearly. Despite the rest of her body being ashen grey,.. her eyes were a solid golden yellow. She had no pupils to speak of, but somehow I could feel her gaze fixed on me. And as our eyes met, I could suddenly hear her voice inside my head.
"I see you,.." she said as the sound of creepy child laughter echoed through my head, followed by the sounds of children running and playing, and singing school-yard songs.
The lid to her box began to creep open, and I suddenly felt as though the gravity of my universe had been shifted. Downwards was no longer the ground that I was standing on. Down was the inside of that box. And I was about to fall into it. The grey girl never moved a muscle. She just stayed standing, perfectly upright. But her whole body began to float forward down the alley, and towards me. I felt myself also starting to slide towards her. That's when the panic set in. The spirit inside of me knew that it had taken too long to enter it's new host. And that it's presence in the outside world, even if only for those few moments, was enough to draw the grey girl's attention. It was desperate to get away from her, and I knew I had to help. Not because I wanted to, but because I knew that the entity inside of me would tear me apart if it had to, in order to esacape her.
I knew I couldn't get any closer to her. The pull of the box was increasing exponentially the closer I got to it. In a desperate bid to buy some time, I through the knife that was still in my hand down the alley, hoping to startle her or make her dodge, or buy a few more seconds, or anything. My aim was pretty true. I had managed to hit her in the shoulder. But the knife simple disintegrated upon touching her, leaving behind not so much as a mark on her clothing. What was I going to do? I was out of options.
But just then, as luck would have it. The alley around the corner lit up in alternating patterns of red and blue. Somebody had heard me killing her and called the cops. The voices of officers, and the clicking of shoes on the alley floor came echoing off of the walls. The grey girl's expression never changed. She simply closed her eyes as the lid of the box snapped shut and latched itself. And her physical form quietly faded away as though it had never even been there. The sounds of children's laughter and singing faded from my mind soon after.
The relief of having escaped from the grey girl was short lived however. The new panic of being caught by the cops with these bodies set in. I shot up like lightning and bolted down the alley. Directly past where the grey girl was just standing. Surprisingly, I could move quicker then I normally could. My muscles surged with a strength that I didn't know they had. Each step catapulting me further then it should before the step next needed to be taken. I darted out of the current alley and into the one across the street. I heard someone say "what was that?" as I bolted across the street. Damn,.. the cops had already been coming around the other way to try to block off my escape. They had seen me. The chase was on. But at the speed that I was moving, I doubt that any of them could make a positive identification on me.
But still, there was no time to stop. I bolted in and out of the neighborhood alleys. Sticking to the shadows as much as I could. Being possessed by the spirit of murder wasn't all bad though. It had some perks. The increased muscular strength that let me run faster for one thing. And along with the increased strength came an increase in stamina. For as far and as fast as I was running, I should be winded by now,.. but I wasn't. And my eyes, something had happened to them too. As I passed in and out, from areas of darkness to areas of light, I found that I had near perfect night vision. Must be a perk of being a creature born of the darkness. I was marveling at my new-found abilities, and hadn't even noticed that I had traveled half way across town already. I stopped for a moment, got my bearings, and then headed for home. I was far enough away from the crime scene now, but I had to get out of these bloodied clothes before anyone saw me.
I stuck to the alleys. And made my way back to my apartment. I let myself in through the back and headed straight up the stairs. I had to clean up. The blood was starting to dry now, and it was becoming a sticky mess. I peeled the old clothing off and stuck it in a garbage bag for now, then showered the rest away. I had watched enough CSI to know that I needed to cover my tracks just in case. So I got out a spray bottle and bleach washed anything the blood could have possibly touched. The doorknob, the floor,.. the entirety of the bathroom, shower and all.
I left the bag of bloodied clothes on the floor for now. Best not to go back outside tonight. Too much excitement going on, and I don't want to draw attention to myself. I decided that I would have to find a way to dispose of the clothing in the morning. I could dump them in the river, but then they might turn up later somehow. No,.. fire was the only real answer. I would have to turn all the evidence into ash.
I laid down in bed, thinking of all the bat-shit-crazy crap that had just happened to me. I had just saved a girl, then killed that same girl,.. got possessed by an ancient spirit, attacked by another spirit, and chased by the cops. As I laid there, exhausted from the evenings events, I wondered how I could get out of this. I got some amazing abilities out of the deal, but I was possessed by something that was going to force me to kill, over and over and over again. Problem was, the spirit was talking to something,... primal,.. inside of me. Yes, I was going to have to kill,.. but part of me, kinda liked it.
(To Be Continued)
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