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Long Time Listener, First Time Caller...


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Salutations Wyrdos! 

I'm Talia (Tali is fine, or my username, which ever is easiest!) and I've been stalking nosing about the forums since... ohgosh, 2010? 2009? Figured now is a good time to finally join, say hello, and get involved in the community properly! 

About me... I've been playing Malifaux since first edition (I still have my poorly painted metal Seamus box set... although I recently broke his bag off his arm) and I've also been on and off running TTB campaigns when I find people around the area interested in trying it out. I took a long break from Malifaux when I had a ton of personal issues to take care of and just this past month got started buying way too many plastic minis. The last thing I was doing before I had to break was running tournaments and leagues in Idaho with a friend while DESPERATELY waiting for Molly's metal mini to come out and now she's all grown up and in plastic.. *sniffsniff* I just got my boyfriend into Malifaux through a TTB campaign last year (Hi, Kaalamity!) and now he's bought minis to come to the tabletop miniature side of the show.

I think that's about it? Maybe? Feel free to ask me stuff and say hi! :D

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