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Hey, my name is Jack. I've been following Malifaux for a while now, my gaming group was never willing to look outside of different game systems until GW dropped AoS, which utterly killed our gaming group. We've started meeting again, mainly playing Horus Heresy and a bit of Malifaux. I have to say, this game does everything arse-backwards, but it works so well. I've played around 7 games, but only two with proper strategy and schemes, and as the models are stunning, I own every Neverborn plastic currently released (and with the Easter sale, i'll have everything >:D ). I've also spent £100 on some TTCombat terrain, which means I can have a properly fleshed out gaming board.

I decided to go with Neverborn as I like the variety the range has, it also looks like it'll be a challenge to get them all looking coherent yet unique, but that'll be half the fun.

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