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My Campaign so far, In Defense of Innocence


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So I’ve been running a TtB campaign for 4 session now. We just finished In defense of Innocence. It was suggested that I post the session roundups i war writing for the party online.   I’m not the best writer, probably closer to the worst side, but I got bugged into trying it and seeing what people think. So here I go.  Let me know what you think and if you want more detail or whatnot. If people like this I will probably start abusing you for ideas though!  

In Defense of Innocence Spoilers!!!!  Obviously

Character: I also had all the fated use the Allegiance as there 1st terror card, even if they used the crossroads way a creation.  Some people made their Allegiance fit with their character more than others. 

B3-55 (Bess) Tinkerer and Engineer, Allegiance Condor Rails: A small robot created by Condor Rails to assist in the surveying and planning of a railway coming from innocence. The rest of the condor Rails team will killed during the trip to Innocence, but the little robot seem to have its own initiative!

Chad, Augmented, soon to be Bully, Allegiance M&SU: Chad became addicted to augments in his teen!  He joined the M&SU in the hops to get more. His foreman volunteered him for the mission to look into Innocence’s current fate.  Not because of the foreman though he was a good choose, but because Chad’s violent nature was causing him trouble and wanted him out of her hair.

Sebastian Lucas Uther Thaddeus, Performer and Illusionist, Allegiance Rezer:  Sebastian was board with Malifaux city and all the living people.  He decided to travel to Innocence in the hopes of performing his trade in a quiet setting? …. I never real had a good reason for him to go to Innocence, his job do not real mach up with the “I prefer dead people Allegiance”.

Silent Snake, Mage and Bowslinger, Allegiance Guild: Snake (whose name is actually Serpent, but I always forget it and just call him snake) is a Native American who was captured buy the guild for [some crime I never thought to think up].  Fortunate they did not know he was using his new found magic power to commit his crimes.  They gave him an option, be a snitch or go to jail.  He picked snitch.  After some successful ratting they send him to Innocence to find out what going on.  He was to communicate with his Guild contact there by leaving secret messages in the personal ads of the local paper.

Act 1:

The noble and well organized party ventured into the town of innocence. On their arrival they party wanted to speak to Allison Dade, but it turned out she was kidnapped! The party smartly split up to search for clues. Marcus Lowry, the head of the towns constables, seem to be uninterested in the fated’s search. Rumor around town was that some M&SU boys took her off to places unknown. Questioning the Mines foreman Mike O’connol brought up doubt in the M&SU would allow its men to kidnap Dade and the that Mike is unhappy with the Mayor Hannibal Crow running of the town during the neverborn crises.

Chad aggressive questioning a local M&SU supporter lead to speaking to Constable Donald Reimar. He saw Dade enter the Smolder with some men. While a talk with the local cartographer Christopher Tannenbaut led the other fated to the same location.  Once in the smolder the fated defeated the kidnappers and saved Dade. She thanked the Fated and asked them to help her save Innocence.  The first step is to replace Hannibal Crow  with someone that will take the current crises seriously. Jane Ferris and Martin Callahan are the two other people running.

Act 2

The party did not bother to ask Dade for advice before trying to make Silent Snake mayor. They split up without making a solid plan and interacted with several town members in a relatively incoherent manner which lead to a complete fail with only a handful of votes. 

After Blackfeather was reelected mayor the fated attended a party at the mayor’s mansion.

Blackfeather asked Chad to join the Constables as long as she stays in line with his goals.

Professor Wick asked Bess to visit him at his shop after chatting with it.

Marcus Lowry apologizes for his failing to help with the Allison Dade kidnapping. He was drinking over the loss of his daughter.

Silent snake tried to make nice with Blackfish without luck, then asked Arthur Dexter to crash in his bars.



Sebastian went home with Arlinn Derrick.

Chad slept at the constable’s office

Bass crashed at Dade’s place

Silent Snake spent the night at Arthur Dexter barn.

Act 3

The party awoke to a town in terror! the attack from the night before left people scared for what is to come. The fated started their day by actually bothering to ask the NFCs for advice. They where beseeched by each of their hosted to help defend the town from the nephilim.  Some followed this job more than others.


  • Bess built some defenses along the Market district.
  • Sebastian did make friend with the widow and the Docter over mutual enjoyment of undead.
  • Bess talked to Professor Wick and found out about his robot body plan. She asked Sebastian to chat with the doctor who he befriended along with the widow.  Sebastian convinced the doctor to transplanted Wick’s brain.

  • Bess brought a nice bottle of booz to Gustavo Ortega and was from his stopper and vowed to kill more nephilim, smashing the nice bottle of booz!

  • Sebastian convinced Madam Viola Stovyl girls to help rally the town to defend itself.

  • Sebastian used his romantic connection with Arlinn Derrick to get the pit fighters to help defend the town.

  • Marcus Lowry was protecting a strong soulstone, Chad got him black out drunk and stole the soulstone. Snake then snuck in after Chad left and shot Marcus in the head.

  • Chad gave a Dramatic speech after Marcus’ death about the horrors of the nephilim, distracting the constables from his involvement in Marcus’ death and the theft.

  • Snake attempted to get on Crows good side by telling him “what he knows” about the killing. Crow was having none of it and Snake set the mayor's mansion on fire to escape.  Snake talked  Martin Callahan into letting him hid out at his place while he was being hunted.


After the mansion burning incident Snake broke into the Printer to sneak a message into the paper.  Dade found him there and began bitch him out, to angry with his failing to keep her cover. (I truth, I let it slip she was his contact, which is upsetting because the player told me later that his plan was to just kill Dade if she caught him.)

Act 4

The town was under siege! the party final came together as a team, by elegant and completely story driven reasons and not because the FM forced it, and defended the town! After fighting off the first wave of the attack the party rallied some defenders and fell back to the center of town. after a quick patch up by the doctor the party was attacked by a group of mature nephilim who wished to defend the black blood shaman who began casting some ritual Silent Serpent proceeded to choke a him out.  They were defeated with the help of Ortega and Prof Wick.

When daylight come the town is in shambles. The industrial and market district are destroyed. And several characters the fated interacted with were killed:

(I had each player pick a character that cannot be killed, and then each picked a character to be killed. I had them all flip a card, low card get opposite results.)


Martin Callahan               Snake’s pick to live (bad things happen)

Donald Reimar                Chad’s pick

Lacey Callahan                Sebastian's pick

Artemis Callen                 Bess’s pick

As well as some so i can just cut down the number of people and locations

The Whistlers                    the cleaners, who were wanted criminals in Malifaux City

Dawson Allen                    him and his son horded weapons but sucked at using them

Johas Tombler                   he made nice shoes, but they did not help him run faster

Tom Carroll                       The outfitter was out fought

Mitchels and Jr                  to lazy to think of something clever to say about them.



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