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H: Various Ressers W: Cash, a few random models


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Hi all,


So after a brief dalliance, I’ve decided that Ressers are not the faction for me and I’ll be heading back to Neverborn. After friends have done some cherry picking, this is what I have left to shift. All models are plastic, cleaned of mould lines and base coated, unless otherwise stated. Prices include postage, though I’ll drop the total price if you want more than one model/I hand them over at an event (my next event is Haul of Eggs in Daventry)


Resurrectionist models for sale.

2x The Hanged £5 each

3x Rotten Belles £4 each (one still new on sprue)

6x Gaki £4 each

1x Avatar Kirai £15

5x Mindless Zombies £15 for the lot (Partially base coated)

Metal Datsue Ba £5

2x Shikome £5 each (just undercoated)

Izamu £8 (just undercoated)

Alternate metal Bete Noir - £12


If you happen to have any of the models below going free, let me know. We could come to some arrangement for trade/cash

Models wanted:

Hooded Rider

Mr Tannen

A nurse

Lucius crew

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