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Starter Box Battle Report


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A few of us put together a battle report using the models and strategies/schemes from the starter box. This is intended for people new to Malifaux and we try to cover most of the game mechanics. Let us know any CC you have for future battle reports. Thanks!


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I thought this was a great demonstration of the starter box, when a friend first told me about MTG I looked at the cards and decided it looked to much to learn for just a card game (I enjoy the painting of hobbing) but then I noticed the "starter" videos on there website which ran through the simple mechanics of how to play and I realised it was a lot easier than I'd first thought (or at least broken down enough so that I didn't feel it would be a huge effort to learn). I had wondered why Wyrd hadn't done the same for malifaux.

while I already play malifaux,I'm sure some will watch this and think/rethink to start playing malifaux so well done, if you make any more then please post I enjoyed the friendly atmosphere of the batrep. 

Thanks again.

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