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Help needed Torunament lists


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I am going to a tournament next weekend. It is 50SS. I am going to play Nicodem as a primary master(I might use Tara as a secondary master as well). It will be the first time I will play Nico. I would love some pointers. Here is the strats schemes and the deployments for the tournament:

At the end will be my collection.

Match 1:
Interference, Standard Deploy
Convict Labor (Always)...
Covert Breakthrough (1)
Leave Your Mark (Tome)
Inspect The Ruins (8)
Show Of Force (Ram)

Match 2:
Turf War, Corner Deploy
Convict Labor (Always)
A Quick Murder (12)
Leave Your Mark (Tome)
Inspection (11)
Hunting Party (Crow)

Match 3:
Headhunter, Standard Deploy
Convict Labor (Always)
Set Up (7)
Hunting Party (Crow)
Catch And Release (9)
Take Prisoner (Doubles)

Match 4:
Squatters Rights, Flank Deploy
Convict Labor (Always)
Neutralize The Commander (3)
Show Of Force (Ram)
Frame For Murder (5)
Exhaust Their Forces (Mask)

I own:

Grave spirit
3 Punk Zombies
3 Necropunks
3 Crooligans
3 Rotten Belles
2 Dead Doxy
1 Rogue Necromancy
2 Hanged
Madam Sybelle
3 Ashigaru
The Carrion Emissary

5 Mindless Zombies
2 Performers

For Tara I own:
Nothing beast
3 Void wretch
3 Death Marshal


/Many thanks in advance JoyPi

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