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50SS Emissary Event @ Games Plus, Mt. Prospect IL - 1/12/16


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Greetings everyone,

It is time for my monthly Emmissary Event!! The games will get started as early as 6PM. Players will be randomly paired up with someone as people arrive. The latest a game can start is 7:30PM. That should help some of our players who usually arrive around 7PM. Players have until 10PM to complete their game.   



M2E 50SS Emissary Event
January 12th, 2016

Location: Games Plus, 101 W. Prospect Ave, Mt Prospect Illinois 60056

Registration: 5PM – 7:30PM

Set-UP: 5PM – 6PM

Entry Fee: $5.00 Games Plus gift certificate purchased at the register.


1st Place – Games Plus Gift Certificate

Raffle Prize:


Malifaux Product (TBD)

(TP/DIFF/VP/FACTION VP/STRATEGY VP) + Card flips if needed to break ties (best out of 3)



6:00PM – 10:00PM

Tournament Rules: Gaining Grounds 2015 along with T.O. discretion.

Crew Construction: Single Faction 50SS + Free Emissary & Upgrade

Painting requirements: None, but models need to be properly assembled and based.

Proxy: Per Gaining Grounds 2015

Special Proxy Rules: Players may use any Avatar as a proxy for their Emissary. It is preferred that a player us an Avatar from their declared faction. It is preferred that a player has a physical card for their Emissary and its selected upgrade. A player may instead refer to the Emissary rules from book 3 and mark the models wounds with 6 sided dice on the table.


Conversions: These are allowed per the Gaining Grounds 2015 rules at the T.O. discretion. 



Round 1


6PM – 10PM

Deployment: Flank

Schemes: LITS, Breakthrough, Assassinate, Entourage, Frame for Murder, Faction Scheme

Strategy: Turf War

Set Up

Place a single Turf War Marker at the Center of the table.

Victory Points

At the end of each Turn after the first, a Crew earns 1 VP if it has two or more non-Peon models within 6 inches of the Turf War Marker.


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