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Hello from El Paso!


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I'm in El Paso, Texas, USA, and just picked up the Jakob Lynch/Dark Debts starter box, with Neverborn being the most appealing (thematically) to me -- no clue how they play yet! Jack Daw/Outcasts was a close second, but I liked the description of most of the Neverborn masters. I also picked up Seamus/Shadows of Redchapel for a friend -- she read through the list and got as far as "ooh, undead" and "he's Jack the Ripper?" before making her decision.

It looks like there's 2, maybe 3, people in the area that either have crews or are interested, and hopefully we'll build up some more folks as time goes by. There's a new store opening in a few weeks, and I've asked them to look into picking up at least the starter box for me. They've been pretty supportive so far!


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