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Malifaux on going Shifting loyalties campaign at Snake Eyes Gaming (Altoona PA) Nov 28th at 11am


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We started this campaign about a month ago, but we're only technically two weeks in, so if you want to join it wouldn't be an issue and we can easily get you caught up. But due to a few of us being busy and not being able to get up there from week to week we decided to run it on a month to month basis and more in a tournament style. 

Actually if you are interested in joining I will be up at Snake Eyes tonight (Friday) and tomorrow (Saturday) during the day (Nov 20-21) giving out demos to any new people who are interested in joining along with catching people up for the campaign. So feel free to come up either of those times and I can get you all set up in whichever way you need.


Month 2 games will be held on Nov 28th at 11am at Snake Eyes gaming in Altoona 

It's a one time $10 buy in to get into the league, but all the money will all be going towards prizes

You will be playing, most likely, 4 games throughout the day with a 1hr 30min time limit each and your opponents will be assigned to you at random, and we will have a 1hr break for lunch after the first 2 games. Like I said it's being run more like a tournament than a league due to time constraints. So it's more like an ongoing tournament than a league. It will be this same format every month.

Also, every month there will be prizes handed out for random things, non-related to how your doing in the campaign

So far we have somewhere around 15-20ish people in it, it's been pretty fun so far. So feel free to contact me on here if your interested or have any questions or just come on out, I'll be there.

Address of Snake Eyes Gaming: 201 Cayuga Ave., Suite 10 Altoona, PA 16602

Attached below is  the score sheet we used for last months event if interested.

Malifaux-Match-Sheet updated.docx

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