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Classic Zoraida Conversion Conversation

Doctor Borris

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I have an alternate Zoraida I got for my gremlins and I am looking for ways to spice her up.  I am talking about the one hunched over the cauldron. I was thinking of a Baba Yaga Style theme with her and the cauldron on a rickety wooden platform with either chicken or swamp vine legs. Anyone have any ideas? Could I ditch the cauldron and make her perched on something to give her a more sinister ravens esque look? She could have a voodoo doll in front of her. 

Just wondering of anyone can help or of I should try to buy the old metal one. The box set I can't see using besides Z.

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Can you show the pic?

There was a beautifull gremlin Babba yaga from Rackham a few years ago, she was an old witch with a long hoojed nose (classic) and not a noseless face like gremlins have now. that one was always the picture I had for a Zoraida conversion for the game.

I would suggest, if you are removing the cauldron, to place her on a slightly larger base and make a table or a counter with tiny bottles and having her perch around looking for ingredients for her next potion. Classic Harry Potter style, as raiding Snape's potion cabinet

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