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Meet the Prestons


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Inspiried by the pregens in the Nythera event, I figured out could be fun to write up some faction-related characters just for kicks mainly. After some thought ,I came up with an idea for a family who's every member leans in a different direction, and they could be used either as pregen Fated or Fatemaster NPC-s if anyone's interested.

I'm still working on the actual character sheet stuff, but I do want to give a brief overview of the characters and their stories.


Without further ado, the Prestons:


Joseph Preston (Guild): a recently promoted Guild sergeant, Joseph is pushing past his fortieth year and patriarch of his family. Coming from a troubled background, he managed to avoid prison in his earlier years by going into the army, after which he joined the Malifaux Guard. He distuingished himself by not being as terrible as most others, doing his job well, taking care of the people as his job dictated. In the city, he met and fell in love with Mai, a woman from the Three Kingdoms. The two of them married after a tumultous courting period, and they had quite a few children. Things took a turn for the worse when Mai passed away in the plague. Ever since, he has been more and more concerned for the well being of his children and he has been looking for shortcuts and ways to gain enough money and influence to send them Earthside. He operates primarily in the city itself, he did a brief stint in the Bayou, but it was very evident that he's not suited for frontier work.

Suzuki 'Sue' Preston (Outcast/Ten Thunders): The oldest child of the family, Suzuki was always something of a tomboy, though most of the time she kept it under check and behaved for her parents' sake. This came to a head just before her engagement to Pedro Ortega, when she escaped from town. Supposedly her father caught up with her before she left, but whatever they discussed, no one knows, and her name is a taboo subject at home. Unfortunately, being young and reckless, she broke up with her girlfriend soon after their 'elopement' and she settled into the life of a mercenary, fancying herself a masterless warrior. She certainly had her father's flair for getting things done with pointy things though, and she caught the eye of some of the warriors serving under the Thunder. She has received some training in swordsmanship from them, though what is the price for this tutelage is yet unknown.

Lily Preston (Neverborn): Lily was always a precocious child, observing every minutia and remembering all these details nicely. As a studious child, after finishing her schooling Josepf managed to get her apprenticed into the Guild Bureocracy. Serving as a scribe to a Lawyer of the Guild, she is being slowly wrapped into the machinations of Lucius Matheson. Being on such a low level on the totem pole, she is beneath notice most of the time, and appreciates the personal attention she is receiving from heer superior. Lily is twins with Mary.

Mary Preston (Resurrectionist): Mary, the other twin, was never outstanding in any way. She never had Sue's or Luke's fire, or Lily's smarts, so she kept to the background. Still she was her mother's favorite. There were talks of getting her into guild business like the others, but nothing was certain yet, and everything fell through when her mother passed. She took it the hardest, grieving the longest. Her mother was the whole of her world, and she had nothing else to cling to unlike her siblings and father. While the others are away, Mary started taking care of the household in absence of anyone else taking up the task. She tries her best to emulate her mother... which might be the reason she started to hear her voice. One day, she listened to it, and followed its instructions. Now, she found a scroll among her mother's posession in a tongue she barely speaks, yet it is clear that what is in there could help her and her mother...

Lucas 'Luke' Preston (Arcanist): Luke is the youngest child of the family, at 14 years of age he is just becoming an adult in the eyes of his dad. He was always an active child, always found in the streets, playing with the animals. Worried what might happen to him, Luke has been apprenticed to the dog handlers of the guild, helping them breed, raise and train the massive and deadly beasts of 'justice'. All was well until he heard the dogs talking to him... especailly in his sleep. Luke has been barely sleeping and been overly aggressive, especially after his mother's death. This seems to have begun affecting the dogs too, as the number of injuries among the stuff is rising... though never Luke. Someone seemed to havve noticed his affect on the animals though, as he was approached by a Union man one day, talking about someone who could help... Marcus, the master of beasts. Still, his tutelage doesn't come easy an favors are being asked of the young man, who's rising concern of witch hunters and his father's ire are not helping him in getting rest.

Burt (Gremlin): Joseph spent a long time in the Bayou, and well... he was weak. One of the local pioneers caught his fancy, and one thing led to another... and one thing led to Burt. Joe didn't know that his paraour was pregnant when he left her, though he did leave a few things for her, some things to trade away in the Bayou Barter market. Instead, Burt's mother kept these, and raised Burt while singing praises of his father, his kindness and his skill in elbowing annoying gremlin in the face. Burt himself showed an early affinity for the magic of the swamp, and he was trained among the wise (?) men of the swamp. His own mother has passed recently, Burt decided to find his father. He managed to get into Malifaux, and now... to find his father. Who is a dashing Guild Guard.



Detailed write ups will follow for related characters and actual sheets, though I'm hoping this is interesting enough for people :)

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