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Hello all, newish to the forums but have been running RPGs for over 20 years. I thought i would share some game ideas I've had over my journey and although they have been adapted to suit many different systems they also work quite wellin TtB...

1-' Who the hell are you guys?'

(This one is good for new players. Both new to TtB or new to RPGs) The PCs awaken shackled on the train bound for the Soulstone mines of Malifaux. They have no memories of how they got there or even who they are(or what they are capable of).They are shackled together and must work together to find a way out of their predicament. 

I personally love running this type of scenario for new players as it gives them a chance to dive right in to the game and flesh out character details as they go. With some tweaking it would definitely work for TtB. Some variables I've used in this style are having the players wake up in a room (think Saw) with a dead body on the floor. 5 minutes in and theres a pounding on the door, it's the Guild/Police/nosy landlady! Players must think quick to get out of this one! And it often leads to hilarious and unpredictable results!

2-'The fall guy'

The players are contacted by a someone who needs them to bump somebody off. Make it clear that the payoff is good. When they arrive at the targets house, he's already dead! Seconds later, the Guild arrives, the players have been framed! Someone needed a patsy! Now its up to the players to clear their names, and if they took payment in advance,  someone is going to come looking for that money!

3- 'He looks just like _______!' 

(This one works well for absent players with the FM playing their character...sorta)

The players have bunked down for the evening (somewhere secluded), they hear a commotion and one of the party is gone (the absent player). Seconds later there's a knock on the door and the absent player is standing there!. This is actually missing players doppelganger(played by the FM) who is going to get the players into all sorts of trouble, throwing manure at passing nobles (duel at dawn!) to downright murder if the players start to catch on that something isn't right. Feel free to drop clues that this person isn't exactly who they appear to be...be subtle! 

I'll post more as i have time, there are HEAPS...

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