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Rochester, NY - 10/24/2015 - Lock-in Tournament


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Greetings one and all.  It is now the month of Halloween.  A month of thrills and chills.  So, Millennium games will be hosting a night of Malifaux to get your creepy fun in. 


On Saturday, October 24th, Millennium games will be holding a lock-in.  A Malifaux tournament will be run during this lock-in.  The Malifaux group will be gathering starting at 7 pm.  Tournament will start at 7:30 pm.  Shop closes at 4 am, and we will likely play the night away. 


But, for such a night, you can have just any tournament.  No, you have to have a special tournament.  More details will be forth-coming in the near future, but for now, be prepared for a tournament of challenges and treachery.  It will be a fixed faction format, and you will likely need both a Master and a henchman at some point in the night, so plan accordingly.  This will be a night of fun and odd challenges, so don't take it too seriously. 


The entry fee for the night will be $20.  More details to follow.


What:  Lock-in Tournemant

When:  October 24th at 7pm

Where:  Millennium Games

3047 W Henrietta Rd, Rochester, NY 14623

Fee:  $20
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Lock-in Event

This is a fun, tongue in cheek event.  Do not take it too seriously and have a good time.

Scheme Rules – Each player may choose 8 Schemes to form their scheme pool for the day.  No scheme may be used more than once.


Round 1

25 Soulstone – Henchman lead

Standard deployment – Head Hunters

45 minutes


Round 2

Team game – 30 Soulstones

Players will be split into two tiers; upper and lower.  Upper tier players will be paired with lower tier players.  The upper tier player will build a crew using a master as the leader, while the lower tier player will build a crew lead by a henchman.  Both players will have access to their own cache.  Unspent soulstones will become a communal pool, with no more than 4 stones combined.  Teams will score strategy points collaboratively, but scheme points individually.  Teammates are “friendly” to one another.

Deployment – Modified corners.  Each player will have a corner deployment, with teammates sharing a side of the board.

Strategy –Modified  Turf War – Requires one model from each player to gain the point.

2 ½ hours


Round 3

The Gang up

Players will be broken up into three tiers.  Top tier players will build standard 50 Soulstone crews.  Mid Tier and Bottom Tier players will be paired off into teams following the round 2 rules with 25 stones for each player.  Additionally, the team players will have their hand sizes reduced to 4 cards.  The Individual player will count their scheme points double for this round.

Deployment – Close

Strategy – Extraction

2 ½ hours


Adjustments will be made as needed due to attendance.

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