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Malifaux Events at Firestorm Games Cardiff this Autumn

Dumb Luck

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I've got a few to rattle off. Hopefully, a few for everybody!

1 - We're running a campaign starting next Tuesday (Oct 13th), although you can play on any day you like as long as I get the results. To sign up, look for the FB group 'Firestorm Irregulars' and post your Henchperson of choice on the thread.

2 - Halloween! Firestorm are staying open late on Halloween. Faux will be there in some form (I have yet to pick what at time of writing), but it will be there.

3 - Demo day! Saturday November 7th the store is running both a Bring and Buy and a demo day. I'll be running demos all day (the last lot at Dragondaze had Old Major getting   Finisher'd by Mancha Roja), so just let me know if you want a go.

For more info on the last few events, check out http://www.firestormgames.co.uk.

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