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[Spain] Tournaments in Granada! (Also, Demo-rning day this 17th!)

Agent of the Breach

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 We're hosting (as always!) events the Saturdays of this month in Granada! This time, we are only going to have three tournaments, as the other two Saturdays are going to be Nytera days. So, join us this October 3rd, 17th and 31st.

 The entry is free and everyone is invited!

 Just come to War Lotus (that is located on Doctor Juan Sánchez Cózar street), our LGS. at 10:00 AM with your miniatures and play with us.

 We have a website with all the information you might need: https://malifaux101.wordpress.com

 Also, if you are new in the game or you are simply interested in it, write us and we will arrange you a demo without any problem!

 We're waiting for you!



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This Saturday 17th, besides the regular tournament, I'm hosting a demo for a few interested from our local game store, so, if you are also interested in the game, or want to see some painted minis in action, come to War Lotus (that is located on Doctor Juan Sánchez Cózar street), at 10:00 AM!
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