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DJ Envy Dropping The Bass


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So I have assembled and painted up my Envy, admittedly he will most likely be merced into non Arcanist crews but as an Arcanist model this seemed the right place to discuss him.


Having used him in one game and had some great fun I have a few ideas and other thoughts and was wondering about other peoples experiences so far.


1.  His (0) action is amazing. In my game he only ever used it on himself but I can imagine it being really good for giving to a model with a crazy damage spread (2) action or similar. Going to try him in Lynch I think for the free focus without worrying about the discard.


2. His guns can put out some real pain. In our game he didn't even have scheme markers to benefit from but he could still really hand out some hurt.


3. While he lacks an aura built in like the other band members he has an arguably better ability in that he can hand off a band aura to enemy models from a range. This makes his debuff aura able to be stacked (by being placed on multiple enemy models) and he doesn't need to place himself in immediate danger to do so.


4. THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT he has a dj deck. Seriously. Has nobody else noticed this? I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere which surprises me. I was sort of expecting a keyboard but no he has a DJ deck with sliders and all. The whole hand in the air pose? That isnt him beind draatic on the keys, that is him rocking out and dropping some sick beats.

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