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Hello! Looking to start playing Malifaux =)


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Hello, looking to start playing Malifaux. I live in a rural area with no hobby stores nearby to buy what I need. I'm assuming I need the rule books, a Crew started box (I plan to play Neverborn), a Fate Deck. What are arsenal decks and are they required to play the game? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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Arsenal decks provide the 2E cards for the models along with the generic faction upgrades.   If you are buying new models with 2e cards you can wait a bit for the generic upgrades.  


Rulebooks:  There is a Rules Manual (small rule book) that is rules only ($15).  The rule book (large rule book $40 retail, ~$30 - $35 street) has all the rules, fluff, reprints of the wave 1 cards, and a bit of flavor for the wave 1 models.    I favor the large rule book (plus Crossroads) because I enjoy browsing the models in that format.  My son prefers the small rule book and pullmyfinger wiki.  

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The arsenal boxes have cards for some crews that have not had their 2nd edition models released yet and allows you to use the old metal miniatures as well as the previously stated generic faction upgrade cards. You can make do with just the small rulebook for the rules portion, as you say, a crew box ( I play Neverborn as well), the fate deck is very useful but a standard deck of cards can work, you just need to convert suits, a tape measure and a table with things that can act as terrain. Hope that helps! Welcome to the game!

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