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End of Winter Slow Grow League Washington NJ


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Announcing Arcana Slow Grow League at Arcana Games on Rt 57 in Washington, New Jersey

Don't let December rule over Malifaux. Shake off the Winter blues and come join our club.  Build your crew week by week until you can take on the tyrant.  There will be a ten dollar registration fee covering prize support.


Week 1  March 8    25 SS Henchman led crew  Turf War;  Murder Protege, Deliver a Message, Protect Territory, Entourage.

Week 2  March 15  35 SS Master led crew        Reconnoiter; Body Guard, Take Prisoner, Vendetta, Distract.

Week 3  March 22  43 SS Master led crew        Squatter's Rights; Assassinate, Protect Territory, Spring the Trap, Outflank.

Week 4  March 29  50 SS Master led crew        Reckoning; Breakthrough,  Cursed Object, Frame for Murder, Plant Explosives.


Competitors will win 1 point for a game played and 3 points for a victory.

Beyond that, additional points may be earned by the following means:

1 point for losing without scoring a victory point

3 points for a win without a leader on the board at games end

1 point for playing someone you have not played before

1 point for singing a victory song or a lamentation dirge

2 points for one new crew member painted each week

3 points for having all models on the board at games end

3 points for winning with a 8 or better point spread

2 points for flipping both the red and black joker in the same duel


A painting contest will also be held in Week 4 with prizes for both the best single and best overall crew. Contact me to register.


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