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Enforcer Brawl- 7 player


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We played 7 player enforcer brawl after our regular games. It took about 1.5 hours.



Howard Langston


Rail Golem

Nothing Beast

Burt Jebson

Baby Kade


It was super fun with everyone freaking out as Baby Kade survived at one health for 3 rounds due to 3 people flipping black joker on damage against her and another failing to manipulative.


Nothing Beast won with his discard of upgrade that stopped Killjoy's red joker damage and then his counter attack for every turn against anyone who attacked.


Rail Golem did nothing for a few turns, just went defensive while gaining burning and tailoring his hand to be all 4 books +. Had four burning, used it all, attacked nothing beast, got a trigger for more burning from the defensive trigger on the counter attack from nothing beast, and kept going. I think he had like 7-8 ap in one go from it. Awesome.


Really fun and would definitely do it again with a few beverages if we weren't at a gamestore.

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