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You Wanna 'Faux! - Toowoomba, QLD


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So you think you're tough, do ya? Got what it takes to survive the mean streets of Malifaux 'ey? Then let's see ya put ya money where ya mouth is!


Starting at 12pm with a $10 entry fee, Saturday the 14th of February will see our first Malifaux tournament for the year. And for something different, it's going to be Henchman Hardcore format. 


The only change I will make is that round times will be 40 minutes, to give newer players a chance. If you have any questions, just comment here of message me. Providing we get enough players (ie at least 6), I aim to run at least 4 rounds for the day so everyone gets a good number of games in.


Venue: Battlestation, Shop 1, 28 Bell Street, Toowoomba

Phone: 4639 1999 (shop) or text 0400 708 553 (my number)

Parking: There is ample parking in Neil Street Bus Interchange (which is basically next door), for anyone that wants to come from out of town.

Prizes: All entry money is put back in to prizes, normally in the form of store vouchers. Unlike most tournaments, the awards will go to:

-Best Overall (this combines VP, Sports and Painting)

-Best General (Most VP)

-Best Painted

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Fixed faction?

Fixed master?

How many games?

Where in Toowoomba?


Following the rules as per the Wyrd format, it will be the same list for the entire tournament (so same Faction and Henchman). Number of games will depend on how many people I get on the day.


Have updated original post with more information

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Have also updated with the number of rounds (hopefully at least 4), and the prizes for the day.


You don't need to pay entry upfront, but please comment here (on on my WargamerAU thread) if you are thinking of coming just so I can get an idea of numbers.

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