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UK (H)Warhammer (W) ££/Malifaux


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Selling/Trading the following, based in Kent.


Space Marine Landraider in Deathwing colours

2 Space Marine Whirlwinds

1 Space marine Rhino

1 Sammael Leader of the Ravenwing

12 Raven wing bikers from Dark Vengeance

Interrogator Chaplain from Dark Vengeance Ltd

20 Terminators

22 Normal Marines + 4 heavy bolters, 3 plasma cannons, 3 lascannons, 2 multi-meltas, 3 plasma guns, 2 missle launchers, 1 melta gun.

Librarian from Dark Vengence


Looking for cash or:

Plastic young/mature Nephilim



Mr. Tannen

Mr. Graves


2 Beckoners

Lynch Crew

2 Silurids

2 Waldegeists

Viks crew

2 Coryphee

Bad Juju






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