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  1. I have not actually played Malifaux before. I had my eye on the models for The Dreamer for a while because I love that idea of a faction composed of a creepy little kid and his nightmares come to life. But no one else plays Malifaux around here, so I never pulled the trigger on it. Today I found another faction that I like and decided that I would buy two factions and that way I could learn the game, run demos and teach others how to play and then maybe others will buy their own factions and we can start a local community. But when I logged on to the website to figure out the exact things I need to buy, I realized the kid is gone; he's older and lost the Damien-like creepiness that made the faction such a cool idea to begin with. So, I'm now back to having only one faction that interests me in this game and thus not enough interest to go with my "running demos" idea for starting a local community. Unless...the older models can work with the newer rules? Since I don't really understand the game yet I can't really make sense of how everything plays. If I were to acquire the older version of the models, would the new rules work with the older models or would they make absolutely no sense because they wouldn't fit what the model looks like (maybe in the new rules he's too physically strong to be a little kid or whatever)? Alternately, are 2.0 rules for that character compatible with 3.0 without ruining balance or are the rules so different between those versions that they just aren't going to be compatible or will break balance? Or am I out of luck and that faction just isn't for me anymore? Thanks
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