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  1. Hey all, Still noob, so after two more games of my Lynch crew against my buddy's Wong crew, questions arose: 1: I tried looking this one up here, but couldnt really find the answers. If Hungering Darkness Obey's an enemy model, the model takes the action. So, who flips the cards? Do they come from my deck, or his? And who decides what triggers to declare or when to cheat fate? 2: Engagement range raised some questions too. Using Hungering Darkness again, cause of his 2" melee range. Say Hungering stands besides a wall and an enemy model wants to move past Hungering. We reckoned,
  2. We found this a bit confusing. It can easily be explained as flip once for both effects... The wording is pretty ambiguous.
  3. What is the purpose of dropping 2 shockwaves? Can he place them apart? We assumed they had to be placed base-to-base as per blasts, but seeing this, a new question arives: Can Wong place his Zzzzap! markers on two wholly different places? Thnx tho Where does it say you only ever get affected by one? We cant find it in the rulebook :S
  4. Hey all, Two newbies here. Were playing Jakob Lynch against Wong tonight. Ran into some questions with Fzzzzap!. It drops the 2 shockwave markers next to my Hungering Darkness, who has 2 Glowy tokens. Fzzzzap! says to discard the tokens to give the damage +2. Is the shockwave damage increased from 2 to 4? And if so, does that mean both markers now do 4 damage instead of 2? for 8 total? Is the damage added up? Like, two shockwaves both do 2 damage, for 4 total, and +2 is 6 damage? Where does the +2 damage from the Glowy tokens go and how many times does the attack do damage? Th
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