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  1. Ok, thanks for your responses. Everything you've said makes sense. Thanks, James..
  2. Hi everyone. I'm new to Malifaux and I am myself introducing new gamers to it as well. One of them asked a question I couldn't fully answer. Take a look at Autumn Knight. She has "exotic weapons" and a trigger on a ram of puncture. However two rams in the duel give a double positive flip - but how is it possible for her to get two rams? As a minion she cant use soulstones. Thanks James
  3. Ah OK thanks. Hopefully it'll get released again in the future although the next few months of Wyrd releases seem to be already planned.
  4. What is a story box? As I say, I'm new to Malifaux.
  5. I'm a bit of a noob to Malifaux and I'm thinking of building a Seamus crew, but one of my own build rather than the box set. I like the look of the Grave Golem but I cant find it anywhere. Is it no longer available?
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