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  1. ah thanx, the info is helpfull enough. I already opened the jobsite but thruthfully i kinda like my current job 🙂 I know my question was a bit open but until now i am doubting between guild lady justice, neverborn pandora or the dreamer or wong from the bayou until i open the book again, then options arise... 🙂
  2. After playing miniature games long long ago in a galaxy not so far away I stumbled in my journeys over Malifaux. A miniature game without dice you say??? My doubtfull mind got captivated about the idea. I disliked miniature games cause of dicerolls messing up my plans time and time again. Rolling ones was my expertise. In those days I figured that a solution was easy, lets play a game which needs low rolls. Problems solved you would think, nope this guy start rolling 5 and 6's. That basicly sucked all the fun out of miniature games for me and I started a crusade against dice to rid the world of them all. This in history of my life is known as "The great pause.". Back to current day, Malifaux, no dice....awesome!! What is it about? Hmmmm Steampunk, horror and western..... AWESOME. Just my kind of setting. I ordered the corebook and went through it like a bunny running from a coyote. Loved the story, going to give the podcast a go later on. But now i need your help if willing. How do you choose a faction? There are so many cool stories and factions to go with those i have analysis paralysis cause of too many cool options. Do any of you guys and gals have any tips for a new player who can't buy everything all at once?
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