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  1. While that is true and the new models look very good overall, it doesn't give me the same vibes the old box set did. Right now I am still hesitant to get it and might even switch factions for my starting master. Still a few weeks to decide though
  2. Oh well, it is sold already. Well back to searching. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for the tip. I also found this one. Sadly for me the shipping is as expensive as the box price 😭. That's why I am hesitant to get it. But maaaybeee they aren't going to restock 2nd edition boxes since a new one is coming? 😱 In that case I should probably get it anyways...
  4. 😂 yeah thats true! Oh well, what can you do?.... *Looks at wallet, which is trying to hide in a corner*
  5. Awesome! The artworks look great. But I'm not 100% sure if I'm a fan of the new model/artwork for Lady Justice. Maybe I will still go for the 2E model for her. I just did and they are awesome 😍
  6. Great recommendation. Maybe I am going to grab those, too. Thanks.
  7. Hey, thanks everybody for the great feedback. Seems like the Lady is the way to go for me 😁. As suggested I am going to start off with the Box Set first and see where I go from there. I will probably grab the 2nd edition set as soon as it is available in my region again. I think the models look gorgeous anyways. Did they just announce it or did they also show the model? I'm asking because I can't find any pictures of the model. Maybe I'm just searching the wrong places 🤔 One last question: If I wanted to read up on lore, what would be the best place for that? A lot of lore seems to be in the corresponding rule books, which will be obsolete as soon as the new edition releases, right?
  8. Hello fellow guild members, I am planning to start with Malifaux and with the new edition right around the corner it seems to be a great time for doing so. After a pretty tough selection process, I chose Lady Justice as my starting master, because I like the lore and aesthetics of hers and the marshal keyword group the most. With the seemingly hardest decision out of the way, that still leaves me with some questions. I hope that some of you seasoned guild veterans might help me out here 😉. 1. Is Lady Justice a good starting point for M3E? In beta reports and discussions I’ve read everything from “she is underwhelming” to “she is OP”. These statements have probably been made by different people and at different points during the beta, but what is the general opinion on LJ now that the rules seem to be mostly finalized? 2. How do the marshals perform for different strategies and schemes in M3E? For example, they seem to have no way of creating/manipulating scheme markers except the interact action. Since schemes generally revolve around scheme markers, this might be a problem, right? 3. What would be a good versatile starting list for LJ? I don’t want to get highly competitive anytime soon (I would need more than one master for that anyway, as far as I understand), but I am still looking for an effective crew as far as that is achievable with only one master. I was thinking about getting the “The Guilds Judgement” and add in a Domador of Cadaveres for healing and undead shenanigans as well as a Death Marshal Recruiter to utilize the burying mechanic of the death marshals (is this interaction too cute?). 4. I couldn’t find any information on which models are going to be remade for the third edition, besides Rasputina and The Dreamer. Is there a list of models or a date at which new models are supposed to be revealed? It would be pretty disheartening, if I would buy into the M2E models only to find out, that new shiny models are released two weeks later. 5. “The Guilds Judgement” seems to be out of stock. What’s up with that? Is it a sign that they are planning to release a new box? If not, how long does it usually take them to restock? 6. Lastly a lore question: In LJ’s Bio it say that “her eyes are covered with the traditional band of her station”. Does that mean “Lady Justice” is more of a function than a person? If so, would that potentially protect her from becoming a DMH model in future iterations of the game? Thank you in advance, if you are taking your time to read my wall of text and answer my questions 😊. I hope this is the right place to ask such questions. Best regards Foxicious
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