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  1. You're a terrible person. I did not appreciate either of those things. This aggression will not stand, man.
  2. So tonight me and my buddy played our 4th game of M3E beta, and I finally had the idea to post a battle report with some thoughts. For reference, I am new to Malifaux, but not war games and my opponent, Joebill, played M2E quite a bit. We played Plant Explosives in Flank Deployment LimitedClown Seamus - The Whisper upgrade CopyCat Killer Sybelle Bete Noir 2x Dead Doxies 2 x Crooligans Schemes - Search The Ruins and Breakthrough 2 vp each Strategy vp 3 Seamus and the crooligans were phenomenal as scheme runners. With Seamus using Secret Passage and the Crooligans using By Your Side, they get across the board fast. This was instrumental for the Strategy and the Schemes. Seamus also provided a nice bit of intimidation by dealing 9 damage to a Mounted Guard by flipping RJ for damage on his gun. Joebill made the decision to stay away from Seamus for more or less the rest of the game. Everything else on the list I feel I probably mismanaged. I focused to much on trying to seduce with the Doxies and kill with Bete, than prevent Joebill's scheme running. I don't have much to say about Sybelle, she never really got to activate, getting murdered on turn 2. She tanks well, and in retrospect I should've activated her before she died, as I had initiative. Oh well. I really can't say anything about Copycat. He was shot in the face by Mounted Guard on Turn 1, BEFORE he got to activate. I was displeased with the loss of my lord of hats and made sure Joebill understood this. All in all, I enjoyed the crew and hope to actually play with Copycat in the future. Also Disguise is great. Joebill Lucius The Scribe Agent 46 with a lead coat Alan Reid with a lead coat 2x Mounted Guard with No Prisoners Schemes - Dig Their Graves "Because I'm a Moron" 1 vp and Breakthrough 2 vp Strategy 3 vp As noted above, Joebill regretted taking Dig as a scheme, as Bete removed them to boogeyman herself around the board. So between that and his Mounted Guards looting, there were rarely corpse markers to score with. In my opinion it's the Mounted Guard that got him the tie instead of a loss, as the demise ability kept a model in the game to run schemes, rather than losing one. Seamus disintegrated the Mounted portion of the Guard with 9 damage, at which point the Guard's demise ability happened, putting a Guard Patrol on the table. The Guard promptly ran screaming from Seamus, and starting score breakthrough. I personally feel Alan didn't do much other than attempt to ask questions and loaning Agent 46 his gun. Agent 46 is pretty good. Between lead coat, having the ability to spend soul stones and not being able to cheat while defending against him, I had a lot trouble dealing with him. Enough trouble that I probably should have stopped wasting activations trying to kill him, as at a certain point all he was doing was distracting me. I don't think I have any complaints about the state of any of these models in M3E beta right now. Seamus's gun might be a little strong, but I guess that's the point. Also Joebill informs me, from his M2E days, Seamus isn't as ridiculous or scary as he used to be. If anyone has any questions about our battle report, feel free to ask. Joebill may chime in with more thoughts from his pov.
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