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  1. Hi guys, been playing 3E and Malifaux since the open beta and loving it! I started with Ressers and i really like the faction. I have been wondering what could be my next purchase and/or master. Ideally i am looking for something that would allow me more flexibility for certain schemes/strategies vs what i already have or that would synergise well. currently I have: - Reva Core box - Draugr - Mourners - Lampads - Carrion Effigy / Carrion Emissary - Asura - Mortimer - Rabble Risers (for Asura as leader) What other purchase would you do in my shoes?
  2. thanks but this would still mean they can be selected for Vendetta as they effectively cost 4 SS. Also, upgrades do not increase the cost of the model, right?
  3. Hi! Question: if i have a henchman as my leader my in faction effigy becomes "free" due to the below ability: Helping Hand: If this Crew's Leader is a Henchman and the same Faction as this model, when hiring, this model's Cost is treated as 0. If i look specifically at Vendetta, since the effigy is NOT a totem and NOT insignificant i could select it as my friendly model. Given the fact that it costs ZERO because of Helping Hand, does it mean i could basically target ANY enemy model that costs more than 0 and is not insignificant? or should i target only models above 4 SS since because of the effigy's base cost? obviously looking here also at a situation where from turn 3 it gets replaced by an emissary...
  4. Hi! if i use the Mourner bonus ability: Mourn the Dead Until the Start Phase, Corpse Markers within range are treated as friendly Scheme Markers. If a Corpse Marker counts as a friendly Scheme Marker for both players, it does not count as a friendly Scheme Marker for anyone. if a mindless zombie is within that ability, does he count as a scheme marker that can actually move because of the "Walking Dead" ability? Walking Dead: When declaring or resolving friendly Actions or Abilities, this model may count as a Corpse Marker. If the Corpse Marker would be removed, this model is killed and does not Drop a Corpse Marker.
  5. Hi ! first of all thank you for making this app, it is really really good to have something like this!! I have one question which i am not sure if it is simply my wrong understanding of the rules or the app is displaying it incorrectly. If i want to have as a leader Mortimer or Asura Roten as ressers, they both have an ability called Necromantic font that states: When hiring, this model is treated as having the Zombie Keyword. My interpretation is that they can hire Zombie keyword models with no SS cost increase such as the Rabble Risers (the old punk zombie) due to the ability above since those have the Zombie keyword. Is that the case and the app is not considering this or my interpretation is wrong?
  6. Since we spoke about the zombie keyword and the necromantic font ability...do i get it right that if i have Asura or Motirmer declared as my leader i could hire the rabble risers for their standard cost (6 SS) since these are zombie? asking this because i find it weird that we have a zombie keyword but asura and mortimer have a special rule text behind and not the zombie keyword (well technically they are living - i get that but...yeah still don't see why we have this extra layer of complexity on the hiring pool).
  7. On the corpse candle topic...do I read it right that in m3e both of them start already on the field as normal hires? Could you therefore just use one of them as a corpse for the blasphemous ritual to have all your crew stack focus right on turn one?
  8. Thank you for the wrap up! Two questions on the topic (new player here): - if I move through the hazardous markers but I am neither inside or in base contact at the start of the activation does it count as if resolving an action while in the hazardous terrain? I imagine is a yes? - do I understand well that revenants now could stack multiple +1 shielded (and burn) with spirits in the flame? I.e. reva could theoretically get +3 shielded and +3 burn just by moving into a pyre marker and then do 2 other actions within?
  9. Did not play test it yet but i was thinking of going heavy on Lampads / Draugr combo as they seem to have some really good synergy. Then either Asura or Mortimer to provide some extra corpses to convert into pyres via Draugr/Vincent or have extra corpse markers for Reva summons/attacks. Anyone tried going this route already?
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