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  1. this is my agent 46 proxy before i re-based him and gave him a wash with some ink.
  2. unfortunatly we don't have any artwork yet. that person looks to be good. i picked ferdinand vogal as for me, it looks like alan reid is the head of the guild investigators and ferdinand fitted that profile best out of my collection.
  3. thanks, i feel she will fit better with the new dreamer crew now. thanks for your suggestion on using facebook too i managed to get the pictures sorted
  4. so this is my widow weaver with my miss ery model
  5. i was wondering on everyone's view of proxying both new and old models. i'm a longtime Lucius player, dating back to when he was a henchman in 1.5. so hearing that he has 2 new henchman for this edition excites me. unfortunately since they are new, there are no models. So i converted a Ramos model to be a proxy for agent 46 and am converting a Ferdinand Vogal to be Alan Reid. now false witnesses have artwork but no models have been released yet, so i'm using a Pandora model as a proxy for one of them. recently, i bought the dreamer crew. i liked some of the artwork shown for the new dreamer, i just don't like the new lord chompy bits. but cannot wait to try him out. i looked at the widow weaver and was impressed. unfortunately, i didn't particularly like the model and felt it did not fit with the look of some of the new dreamer models. so i took my ama no zaku and butchered it till only the lower half remained, i then butchered the hungering darkness model until pretty much the head remained and then i glued and green stuffed them together so it looks like the spider part of the widow weaver has changed and became more terrifing while still keeping the dress. how do people feel about this? has anyone else done something similar or something else for a different model? i am curious as a new edition with new models is coming. i'll put pictures up when i can find out how to get below 1mb on them. they are on my phone and too big atm. thank you
  6. i know that warlord games did this with their dad's army models for bolt action. some special rules for them as they were special characters and some fluff as dad's army was a television show. i would love to see this for malifaux, getting a crew box and seeing what they do or did in the world fluff wise. it could also let some people make good conversions to show a particular scene or story. For e.g. sonnia criid, i didn't know she lost the mask. or lady justice killing nicodem. Without getting the books and reading the stories, you hardly know what has happened in the game fluff wise
  7. i agree some flavour text (like in some magic the gathering cards) would be good on the actual cards. but due to space for abilities, this may not happen. what i think would be a good idea is a small piece of flavour background text on a seperate piece of paper inside the model boxes. Currently, when you get a box of models (like the changelings). There are the models, the bases and the cards to use them in the box. To someone just starting, they want the models because they look good and they can use them, but have little to no idea on why they look like small kids with something evil underneath a shell. If you give the customer some information inside the box on why they exist like they do, what they can do and maybe what they have done at that point in malifaux, they would get a much better understanding and could appreciate the models more.
  8. you can issue command one model, then issue command a lawyer to then obey the same model you issue commanded with your previous action, but in the same activation for lucius
  9. oh thank you and sorry about that. i have the 2.6 files. my bad
  10. lord chompy bit's execute trigger on his heavy claws needs clarifying. does the damage track change from 3/4/6 down to 2/3/4 or increase to 5/7/10? it looks like it needs to change to "increase the damage of this action by 2/3/4". or "change the damage of this action to 2/3/4." sorry about this, it makes no sense to me
  11. i thought so, it is okay the heat of battle can make many people confused.
  12. i understand that it's a tactical action, it was more that it looked like he did the action, and it allowed him to take the action it mimicked but the action doesn't say you can then do the action for free. agent 46 has 2 ap, but mimics to get an action onto his card, then takes that action. then does 2 more actions
  13. hello, how was the game for both players? i have two questions, first, i've looked at how mimic is worded on agent 46's card. i think you have it wrong. mimic allows you to borrow an action on another card (e.g. grimwell's skull saw). it does not allow you to do an action for free. so i'm confused at how you can get 3 full actions from agent 46 as the mimic is a free action. the second question. dr grimwell's nimble allows you to take a walk action as a lightning bolt action. you can only do one of them per activation so how can he use the doctor's orders as well in the same turn? sorry i'm just finding trouble understanding those actions when i have looked at the cards and gone "wait, what?"
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