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  1. hmmm yeah you might be right, plus perhaps all the shuffling would slow play to a bit of a ridiculous degree.
  2. Yeh that's what it seems like to me, feels like your making future deck better but this turns deck a lot worse as you can end up discarding severe and moderate a lot. Maybe if the ability was something like "Remove one card, discard one card, shuffle one back into the deck"
  3. I'm not a maths whiz but I think if you do get really unlucky and draw three 'good' cards having to discard all of them seems like enough of a punishment, being forced to remove one from the game seems like overkill.
  4. I like the first option you suggested, I also the idea that was suggested about making it remove a discarded card like before but it requiring a simple duel with a low target number. Although I think my first choice would be a new ability entirely as I don't find Lucid Dream feels very fun, or cool to use.
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