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  1. Thanks for the suggestions, I just remembered, that he really liked the dead rider and the gravediggers, are these any good im the current iterration?
  2. A Buddy of mine is having his birthday on the next weekend and he is a resser player enthussiast. I would like to buy him some models as a gift, but I absolutelly have not followed the resser models during the beta. Now, I know that things are still possibile to change, unfortunately I do not have the time to wait till the rules are set in stone, so I would like to ask for your help on finding which models could be a potentially good investment. What he has rights now are: McMourning crew box, Molly crew box, Nicodem crew box, Carrion Emissary, Rotten Belles, The Hanged, Rafkin and Mindless Zombies. I have a budget for a few models and will probably still be choosing also bases on aesthetics, but any help will be greatly appreciated.
  3. I am planning a conversion of Killjoys myself, I will be using The original m2e plastic model and add to it, to make it armored in tree bark and bones, with some additional hair/fur and antlers. I have similar plans for Rougarous, but I have already painted ones, maybe some fenrisian wolves, or thunder wolves from Warhammer 40k space wolves chapter? With heavy conversion of course. Fenrisian might be a bit too small and thunder wolves are cavalry units, which might be costly, though.
  4. Decay is min 2, that +1 dmg requirement setting up underbrush Markers and the trigger, which both have counter tech im the game for it. Trigger can be countered by stuns and Counter-Strike for example. And you can move from away from underbrush Markers. Also, Decay does not ignore concealament, Aeslin is unaffected by Underbrush Markers, that is completely different. I might be wrong, but it seems Decay is the only valuable trick of this model. Terminator can be going on cheaper models and studyjny is situational for cases, where Markers matrer. On this situational Shell was shining, as she was a great counter for the scheme, the opposed crews reliability on scrap markers. Also, the strategii required model pressence on certain location, do underbrush Markers were more easy to setup.(the same for the Emissary) Given different circumstances, I think the performance might be much worse. But take all of it as a theoretical opinion of mine, I might be wrong and Aeslin might be too good of a mid range beater right now.
  5. If the built in would be removed from Aeslins Decay, then we would be 1df from a version of her, that was considered useless for almost the entire beta period(closed & open).
  6. Also hazardous is ignored, if a underbrush marker gains hazardous from Killjoys upgrade.
  7. Yarpen


    How would models with demise eternal behave, when taking the Blood ritual action from Killjoys upgrade? Would they be removed, or can they discard a card to heal 4 and stary on the table?
  8. What has changed on the wording?
  9. That depends on how you would treat the sight line being drawn, if it is part of the Fae models action, or not. If it is a part of the action, then the sight line itself is also unaffected by the underbrush marker. If it would be treated as an independent part of the games mechanic, then you would be of course right and the [-] is a result of the concealement granted to the enemy model and not the marker. I would like to get a confirmation on this from a game dev, as if the latter is correct rulewise, then the Fae handicaping themselves by Underbrush Markers feels counterintuitive.
  10. Ahh, Concealement is granted at the moment of drawing a sight line to a model, right. So enemies still consider the underbrush marker when drawing sight lines to Fae, but Fae ignore the Markers, thus no concealement is granted to the enemy. The unaffected makes sense now. Thanks Hawkoon.
  11. Abundant Growth previously stated, that this models movement is not affected by Underbrush Markers, now it says it is unaffected by Underbrush Markers. Concealement actually impact all non -<melee claw> attack actions, to it would impact the following: Titania - Awakened Hunger(Edit: AC it ignore concealement. My bad.) Killjoy - Hooked Chain Aeslin - Decay Autumn Knight - Challenge Gorar - Spit Venom Rougarou - Intimidating Roar Bultungin - Toss on the Mud So I would say it matters quite a lot.
  12. Yarpen


    Enemy obey charges would hurt, but honestly, if you predict a risk of your enemy using obey actions, then you are probably better with choosing hooded over killjoy. Also, I am wondering how viable would it be to put the ritual upgrades on titania and a knight, which would be orbiting her on the range of the Queens Command for the opportunity of moving hazardous terrain and dealing DMG of it and for the into the thorns trigger. As I am reading the rules now, would it be possibile to pinball the hazardous underbrush marker between multiple targets on the 3 inch move of the Queens Command?
  13. Yarpen


    I think that the + is kicking in also in situations, when Killjoy is moved/lured/obeyed by other models. It says untill end of current activation, do I would asume it is not only during his activation. So in cases, when he is lured by enemy models through an underbrush, he would gain + to his defensive flips on any further enemy actions targetting him. But I might be wrong.
  14. Will Mistys blast attack deal normal attack actions damage +1 DMG after the blast marker is transformed into hazardous terrain?
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