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  1. Mighty Willpower (on Horomatangi) says “take an Action printed on this card” for the main effect, but it has a “Take an Action printed on an Asset” trigger. Since it does not specify who’s asset card, does that mean he can use the asset card from anyone in play in the game? For example, if he is against Abyssinia, and Flare Gun is in play, can he use Zeppelin Bombardment if he gets the action off, with the trigger and discard a card?
  2. For a simplified example to the question, can you use the Zeppelin Bombardment action (on the Flare Gun prototype asset card) twice in one turn as long as one action is during the unit’s activation (Metal Sefari for example) and one action is during the commander’s activation (due to triggered Field Test ability)?
  3. For clarification reasons, most Prototypes have Versatile, once per activation. Prince Unathi’s Field Test ability allows a fire team to take an action on a prototype. So can you use a prototype gun on Prince Unathi’s activation via Field Test, then again on the unit’s activation later/earlier the same turn? Note that you need a card to discard every time for the Prototype and you need to succeed the Field Test flip for this to even come into question.
  4. So, if you use a tactics token then, you can ignore your natural black joker draw by flipping a new card to replace it? Then black jokers mean nothing in this game?
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