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  1. v. 0.22 * Some actions where marked as bonus actions and where missing their initial letter. These should all be correct now * Fixed Dead Dandy tactical skill list
  2. @CrimsonWraith Sounds like you got it to work @Fenriel Thank you v. 0.21 * Upgrade Actions now visible on printed upgrade cards again
  3. Enforcers and minions show up as 0 when you create a new crew, because the "Crew legal" filter is active. And at first when building a crew, you have to select a Leader. This cannot be an enforcer or minion. So either uncheck the "Crew legal" filter or select a leader from the legal ones
  4. Version 0.20 * Fixed a data bug, that prevented the creation of new crews. (The High River Monk has no Faction on their new card. I have added Ten Thunders as their faction to fix the problem)
  5. version 0.19 * Beta rules 3.25.19 Hotfix included @dzlier: My previous assumption was wrong. The Cards-download yielding no different result. I guess it depends on the PDF-reader then. Which one are you using?
  6. @dzlier: I have been grabbing the text from the individual downloadable files, and I now see that the Cards-download has the setup you have been referring to. I might have a look at using those instead @Khormy: Try refreshing again on your phone. Notice if the version number below the list is correct (currently 0.18)
  7. version 0.18 * Beta rules 3.22.19 included * Multiple identical models in crew can now each have an upgrade @dzlier: The text I extract from the PDFs don't have such a missing space. We might not be extracting text from the PDF's in the same way @katadder: The Crews are indeed stored only in the version they were created with. Also note that you have to click the save button under "Account", when you wish to save your changes to your account.
  8. version 0.17 * Now able to handle upgrades with more than one action * Now able to handle Ariks bonus-action (non-suit trigger-like rules) * Faction Upgrades button should now work properly (Thanks @AndreyF)
  9. version 0.16 * McCabes totem is now recognised as such (Thanks @dzlier) * After opening a model, you can close it with the back-button * M3E Print health background is now white instead of transparent. So tall pictures will no longer be visible behind Health. * Added Health as a quick show option * Df quick show now shown as Df instead of Mv @AndreyF: When you say mobile version, which phone and browser are you using?
  10. I have fixed the Df quick show, and added Health as a quick show option. The Italic problem is real though. The data is currently being transformed from the PDF to JSON via simple text parsing (which includes copying the PDF contents to pure text). Within this parsing, there does not exist formatting, so currently I have no way of determining which texts should be italic. So I have to rewrite the whole parser, and that is a rather large task. It's a challenge that I indeed might choose to face, but as it is also very time consuming, it most likely won't be just around the corner.
  11. Thanks! Don't know if I can change the thread title. Version 0.15 uploaded Added Beta rules 3.7.19 Changed the print-font. Less pretty but more practical.
  12. Thanks. And I agree. Regarding the print-page, the page is only optimized for the actual print, but I still think, that I need to find a better font for it. If anyone knows which font is used on the official cards, then please share
  13. Hi When the open beta came out, I was missing a good overview of which models had specific keywords, and which models had specific abilities. So I set out to build a digital tool that could help me with this. I shared it with my Danish Malifaux community, and they all asked for various upgrades (like crew-builder, printing, sharing, cross device usage etc.). So it grew. A lot. Now that it's a month old, I feel like the international community should know about it also. So here you go: https://m3e.hong-crewet.dk Some if it's main features: * Filters and Sorting. * Crew-Builder (where you can even ignore building-rules, if you want to test some house rule or other crazy ideas) * Print in M2E og M3E card styles. You print your crew, but combine with the ability to ignore crew-building rules, you can print any combination of models. * Works offline. You can even install it on your phones desktop. * Save your Crews, Filter/List options Setups and list of Owned/Painted/Favourites to the cloud so that you can use them across any number of devices. * Share your crew. Either threw a link that opens the tool with your crew, or copy/paste the formatted text to anywhere. I hope you like it. Thanks.
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