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    So who is running Yan Lo (Wave 5) and how is it going?

    I played Yan Lo both before and after. I only have to say I believe that he was the strongest master that I have, I say this as it is really easy for you to be able to stop your opponent from scoring. The new upgrades just make it easier to do this. My normal turn with him is to go last and cast lighting dance as many times as possible to mess with what ever they are trying to do. As an example Yan Lo can go last turn 1 and pull out one opponent from where they need to be into one of your beaters, then at the start of the next turn do it again with another of their models. On a side note I tried something new as slowed 4 opponents start of turn 2 thanks to one of the new upgrades which is really powerful.
  2. g.r.greenfield

    Back in your PINE BOX Wellington NZ

    Hi Phototropic, I know right. This is a way to find out how many people I can get at an tournament as I don't mind organizing them and if I get the number I will run more.
  3. In Khandallah, Wellington a one day tournament is being held on the 6th, May 2017. All of the details are in the player pack. Back in your PINE BOX Players Pack
  4. g.r.greenfield

    Auckland Malifaux Events NZ

    All signed up to NICon and looking forward to it...... Everyone else get on it!