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  1. Wow, photo memory?

    Yeah, sadly, i was the poor fellow loosing the first game...

    Where things got wrong? Guess i just moved in too fast, hoping vor Cover but providing an 'entrance' to the desolation engines charge, and payed no attention what so ever to Caustic Aura and Industrial Nightmare, combined with a bad hand and low df models i got myself outactivated and killed pretty quickly. Game was completely over Turn 1 when you summoned the second engine.

    But a very very well executed tactic. 

    Could have, should have choosen a different crew on such an open center table. 

    And never Play Pandora against good Pandora players, i guess.

    Revenge! :)


    BTW, Anybody up for a game on thursday or friday night? Would be in town and available from around 18h.


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