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  1. Hello Fellow Wyrdos! Every Tuesday and Friday come on down to the CG Realm for a demo! Bring a friend earn Raffle tickets for prizing at the end of the month!! Any questions please feel free to message me or to set up a time for your demo! Remember! Bad things happen!
  2. Welcome all beginner wyrdos! We’re getting crazy at the CG Realm!!! Message me about the bring a friend demo days! Every demo or game of malifaux played will get both players a raffle ticket for the draw at the end of the month for your very own Nightmare crew box!! Woooo remember wyrdos! Bad things happen!
  3. Hello everyone! Are you attending the first ever Skycon? If so did you know Sunday October 29th, 2017 I'll be hosting a henchman hardcore event? Well now you do! Sign up with the purchase of your single day badge or your weekend pass! Hope to see everyone there!!
  4. Hello, on Sunday August 27th I will be holding a 3 round tournament at 50 Ss! This is a community building event and will have lots of prizing and even a door prize! Raffle tickets can be purchased at the door and there will be a best painted compitition. Please message me for any more details. Thanks!
  5. Hello! Every weekend in July I'll be doing demos. Please get in touch with me through PM or contact the CG realm to schedule a demo game! Remember, bad things happen.
  6. On April 30th. 2017 I'll be having a 50ss tournament using gg2017 schemes and strats. It will be held at the CG Realm in Windsor and start promptly at 10am. Cost will be 20 bucks unless you're apart of the league. Any further questions can be sent to me through a message! Thanks!
  7. Welcome all wyrdos! I'm hosting a 4 round 50ss tournament at the CG realm in Windsor Ontario. I'm hoping to get at least 16 people to turn up! We have a sandwich shop on site with lots of goodies! There's even a raffle for a surprise!! Please call and register at the store. Thanks!!
  8. Hello! I'm running a slow grow league starting with sign ups on the 20th of march. The league will start the following Monday and run for 5-6 weeks and end with a 50ss tournament! If you have any questions please pm me or come by the CG Realm and we can discuss more! Thanks.
  9. Hello everyone! I'll be once again doing demos all month long! Please let me know if your interested and we can set up a specific time or feel free to come talk to me every Wednesday night or Sunday during the day! Thanks for your interest!
  10. Welcome all wyrdo's. I will be holding a 35ss Gaining Ground 2017 event on Feb 26th at the CG Realm in Windsor Ontario! Single master please. If you have any questions please let me know. Cost is 10 bucks a person and prizes will be given out from first through 3rd and last place will have a special prize Hope to see you all there!
  11. Good Evening, As a challenge to myself I want to get more people into Malifaux in my local Meta! I am doing demos all month long! Please feel free to message me to set up a time! Im also at the store every Wednesday and Sunday if you arent 100% sure and want to talk! Look forward to seeing all the new faces!!!!
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