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  1. Apologies if this is the wrong place but I have a sealed buildings of malifaux terraclips box and was wondering what the trade value might be? Thanks!
  2. Are these acceptable for OP? I don't fancy buying boxes of the Dreamer starter for Alp and Daydreams for instance. While I'm here, anyone have any ideas for alternate sculpts?
  3. Darkfine

    Wait what

    So, the dreamer box was probably a bad pick for the time being?
  4. Darkfine

    Wait what

    I am new to the game and am beyond confused. I picked up the ME2 rulebook and the dreamer box and after some reading I can't find anything anyone is talking about. Stitched together? Lelu? What are these things? I can't find them in stores anywhere. Also, why aren't any of the nightmares in the book? Thanks for your help!
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