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  1. That's what I thought thanks
  2. She's a completely different play style. Just gotta find the right combo she plays with. I got 2 more Thunders masters to play before I go back to her. I have lynch and yanlo then I will really try to work out kinks with youko
  3. Shadow Effigy


    After you flip one or more cards you can spend a chi to have +2 to your final duel total. Do you see what your opponent flips before you choose to use the chi?
  4. Incorp only ignore damage from being attacked
  5. To my understanding is no. It doesn't state +1 so I would assume it wouldn't stack.
  6. Don't think u can use plus 2 with chi with a cheat. It's only when u flip 1 or more
  7. What about Titania's undergrowth markers? Corspe, scrap?
  8. Path of the lotus can remove any marker. Stratagy markers? Titania's markers?
  9. Hi rivermonk gain a ram on his chi blast attack but there is no trigger with a ram
  10. I'm not a big person to show stat by stat on things I've seen. But so far i have soloed misaki, mcabe and youko. I have also did a double master list with youko and asami. Youko needs her mask to be built in for her blackmail action. Pass tokens I have found are not as big other than turn 1 and 5. Giving her a obey unless they discard 2 cards would be great Misaki is solid. Getting some anti armor would be great but maybe would be over the top. She's good where she is. Mcabe is right now in a weird place. His crew is pure scheme. Besides seider their is no punch. Whatever is coming from the new faction for him I hope they are tuff. My youko and asami was ok. I should of brought more stones. If I run it again I'll probably start with 7 activations for a bigger cache and I would imagine it would be super strong. I like where the summoning power is. Not to strong but not to weak. It's a happy medium. With playing These masters each twice I still do not believe I have unlocked anything. Maybe further learning them will show me something else but for now the he seems to be in a alright place
  11. I've been thinking about McCabe. Running around scheming the hell outta everything. I've heard of youko and misaki. Meh. Theirs gotta be something better
  12. Ok thanks misaki reads that trigger on her card.
  13. Can somebody explain how the new execute trigger goes? do you flip to see what extra damage you do are you at a negative can you cheat it?
  14. The main thing is I think youko has a lot of models with that trigger. I think the intent is to use lure to lure models to you around buildings and such to get your enemy to leave line if sight than you pounce with the models that do those triggers. Alot of setup which I might try. Maybe that's what the geishas are for
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