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  1. Yeah I caught it after I posted
  2. Says when resolving. So she doesn't have to succeed? Just needs the ram to guarantee one damage
  3. I would love if it worked that way but it doesn't. It states if this model suffered damage from another friendly model it gains fast. The porkchops ability says that model MAY suffer 1 damage. The porkchops is not doing the attack. I just think wyrd needs to make the final decision. Or a TO in a tournament setting
  4. I don't know. I don't think it's suffering damage from the model. I think it hurts itself. No I don't think you'll get the benefit. It says it may suffer 1 damage. Nothing says the damage is coming from the porkchop
  5. Anybody else see the combos? Tannon gives out distracted. Also make enemy discard a card to cheat ( gives youko a card) drain ( gives youko a card) also wp duel aura if close to a geisha is at a negative. Anybody see this/ try?
  6. Not sure what happen their. Just noticed a old Post somehow mixed in. Just wanted to say we can push our own models now and push scheme corpse and scrap now
  7. Didn't need to see that it's probably going to be any only push away instead of towards
  8. I meant moving scheme markers and corpse and scrap
  9. Push our own models now not just enemy
  10. Trixie doesn't have don't mind me and it doesn't say didn't need to see that trigger what it does
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