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  1. Does Misaki's always get reduced movement depending on number of activated friendly models, regardless of if she unburied using her From Shadow ability or not?
  2. We are new to the game and are doing our best to understand the proper order to resolve things. During a game yesterday the following scenario occured. An Ashigaru and a Young Nephilim are base to base. The Ashigaru attacks the Nephilim and succeeds with the trigger Wall of Steel. Wall of Steel reads (roughly): After succeeding, push the target 3" away. The Nephilim's ability Black Blood is that models within 1" of the Nephilim takes 1 damage whenever the Nephilim takes damage. Main question: Does the Ashigaru take damage from black blood or does the push happen first? Follow-up question: If the push happens first, does the Nephilim take damage even tough he now is outside of the Ashgaru's range (2").
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