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  1. Regarding Engagement, it went both ways in M2E and making it a bit clearer in the core rules for everyone including new players is no harm. Obviously I know a healing flip heals a model, but why then does it need to say that damage will damage models one page earlier? (Page 27) Damage can occur as a static profile or as a variable flip, having the same terminology used for healing makes sense to me. I guess i forgot damage prevention was binned, I just remember having to remind myself that damage prevention can't be cheated... glad that's gone actually
  2. Hi All, Errors on first glance: Page 15: Text in first Image refers to a Young Nephilim instead of the Sorrow pictured. Page 15: Paragraph above second image refers to Lilith instead of Pandora pictured. Page 16: Example text over second picture refers to Terror Tot. Iggy is pictured. btw, are Terror Tots being renamed in M3E to Juveille Nephilim or is that just rumour? I know the Beta Cards have them as Terror Tots! Possible Issues: Page 23: Start Phase: The first paragraph states "The Start Phase is made up of five steps..." then during Step C part 3, "If values are tied, start again from the first step." As written it seems to instruct the players to begin at Step A Discard Cards. It may work better as "If values are tied, return to the beginning of Step C." or words to that effect. unless of course the intention is to Draw a new hand if the Initiative flip ties. Page 28: Healing This paragraph does not specifically say if healing occurs with a healing flip and if that flip can be cheated. I haven't looked through all the files yet so I don't yet know if there is still Healing Flips. Page 29: Engagement "this could lead to situations where a friendly model is engaging the enemy model, but the enemy model is not engaging the friendly model (because the friendly model is not within its engagement range)." Does this mean the friendly model is engaged for the purposes of the five primary effects? Basically does this need a statement along the lines of "both models count as being engaged"... on the other hand is the intention that the friendly model is not engaged and can for instance interact to drop a Scheme Marker? Page 29: Engagement This is more of a question; Can a model who is engaged take an Interact Action if it targets an enemy model with whom it is engaged? If it is a possibility it probably should be noted here. Page 32: Malifaux Conditions (Special) Burning and Poison could do with an example. Does a model for instance suffer 2 damage when they have Poison +3 or Poison +4. For the sake of clarity. That's it. there are a few spelling mistakes in there as well like Cancelled spelled with only one l, but I'm not sure if that's just the way its spelled in American English. I'll leave the spelling to other minds Apologies for the length, looking forward to some games now
  3. Just picked up tickets for my first Paddyfaux, missed it last year? Any idea how many are attending this year?
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