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Something Wicked This Way Comes

Something wicked this way comes, creeping through the woods of Malifaux, its inhabitants approaching the newly discovered threat.

Although from the Widow Weaver's perspective, perhaps something wicked is trying to disturb her in her peaceful stroll through the woods.

Couldn't quite get the lighting I wanted and I would've wanted to try a more neutral grey background too but my printer has seemingly decided I am a bad person unworthy of its work.

The Widow Weaver was sooo much fun to paint. I love that miniature, one of my favourite miniatures for sure. I didn't really like the bunny mask Myranda head so i swapped it with a TtB one.

Hope you like the diorama. It was not easy to photograph that's for sure.

The miniatures are magnetised, like my other Iron Painter projects, so I can easily remove them and play with them too.

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